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International Music Promotions
News & Gossip Magazine.

If you have any News & Gossip, or maybe you would like to write an article then please _____E-mail me here.

Here's whats on offer inside.

PAGE 1 - News on the Music for the Millenium and The National Band Register.

PAGE 2 - Eurovision or Eurotrash?

PAGE 3 - G ' N ' R The Story.

J.G. Gossip Page - Bruce Springsteen Live + A Perfect Moment.

The Live Gig Review Page.

The News/Gossip pages are written by our team of dedicated writers. Without them these pages would not exist, thanks to you all!

Andy Duke, Matt Peters, J.G., Maxine McCall, Tara Powell,
Metal Mickey, Emma Dabrcwska, Sean, and Ian Brimble.

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